Mac OS Compatibility and Advice

macOS 12 Monterey and ColorNavigator 7

EIZO ColorNavigator 7 now compatible with Monterey

LINK: Download ColorNavigator 7.1.5 for Mac

Tech Tip: Have you updated to Monterey to find that your EIZO is no longer working?

Try this: Unplug monitor, restart computer, log-in to computer, re-connect monitor and power on. 

Thanks Anthony R in WA who found this in


macOS 11 Big Sur - Intel and M1  

  • ColorNavigator 7 is compatible with BigSur, both M1 and Intel. Please follow this link to the latest compatibility chart, including links to the latest version of ColorNavigator 7. 

  • Check calibration sensor or 'probe' compatibility here

  • External monitor display limitations were found when connected to Mac computers with the new M1 Chip. To understand these limitations and suggested recourse: click here. The software update to ColorNavigator 7 has solved these issues.

  • Can't display the full resolution? ColorEdge monitors are equipped with 2 modes. They can be run as a dedicated VIDEO monitor, or as a PC / Computer monitor. If your monitor is maxing out at 1920x1080, check that the monitor hasn't been bumped into VIDEO (Yuv) mode. If it has, please change your monitor back to PC (RGB) mode. Checking and changing the mode: Menus differ between models. Please refer to your monitor user manual to guide you.


macOS 10.15 Catalina and beyond

Starting from Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina), the Apple OS no longer supports 32bit software, including ColorNavigator 6 (CN6). 7+ year old ColorEdge monitor models will continue to display your images, although, the calibration method must change. See effected models and recourse suggestions below. 

Effected Software

The below software is built on a 32-bit platform, therefore not supported from OS 10.15 onward.

  • ColorNavigator 6

  • ColorNavigator NX

Advice: Upgrade to ColorNavigator 7

IMPORTANT - check that your monitor is compatible with CN7 before upgrading ... see list below


If your monitor is not in the below list, it is recommended to upgrade to ColorNavigator 7, the  latest software that combines features of ColorNavigator 6 and NX




Effected ColorEdge Monitors

The below monitors are only compatible with ColorNavigator 6 and NX and are not supported by macOS Catalina. If your model is listed here, please refrain from updating the OS or change to a model that supports ColorNavigator 7 (see loyalty discount offer below, and a list of supported monitors here )

21.3" CG210, CG211
22" CG220, CG221, CG222W, CG223W
22.5" CG232W
24.1" CG241W, CG242W, CG243W
29.8" CG301W, CG303W

Effected Calibration Sensors

The below sensors operate with a 32-bit driver and are not supported by macOS Catalina. Please refrain from updating the OS or change to a newer model.

In addition to the below "CN6 but not CN7" compatible sensors below, CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE LIST OF COMPATIBLE SENSORS 

DataColor Spyder3, Spyder4

Suggested recourse for the above listed monitors

Option 1 - Do not upgrade, if you can avoid it

If you would like to continue using ColorNavigator 6 or NX to hardware calibrate your monitor, please do not update your Mac OS to the latest version. We do understand that this is not an option for some of you, so read on. 

Option 2 - Upgrade to a new EIZO ColorEdge CG (all equipped with a handy built-in sensor)

Take advantage of our loyalty discount offer to purchase a new ColorEdge CG range monitor. This is available to territories covered by EIZO APAC - Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar. 

If you would like to update to a ColorEdge CG range monitor and take advantage of a 10% loyalty discount off any authorized reseller's price, or to find out which ex-demo units are available, please contact us via this online form. Please note that this is available to Eizo APAC territories only.

Option 3 - Purchase basICColor Display 6  

The next best thing to ColorNavigator, BasICColor is also a hardware calibration software - this means it is able to calibrate the monitor's RGB properties directly. This ensures a more accurate calibration, and you are left with more tones for your monitor to display extra subtle details in your images.  (This is instead of a software calibration - done by the software that comes with your colorimeter or spectrophotometer... the software adjusts the video card signal being transmitted from your computer, some tones are discarded in the process - this is sometimes called 'lossy'). 
BasICColor was 69 euros at last check).

Further details required? 

a) Contact the reseller from whom you purchased your EIZO for clarification.

b) Contact us at EIZO