How to calibrate your FlexScan

FlexScan monitors:

  • look great, in white or blackSpyder5 Sensor
  • are better for our health
  • are ecologically sound
  • use very little power
  • ......... and they last a really long time!

If that's not enough, there's a little known fact ....

With EIZO's patented RGB colour mixing technology, did you know that 


EIZO FlexScan are great for creative people!

FlexScan monitors are able to display your designs and videos more accurately than everyday office monitors.

While we recommend our wide gamut ColorEdge range for creative professionals and serious enthusiasts, the FlexScan range is perfect for general office and home use - for those who would like to check & edit their personal photos and videos, or for for any business requiring continuity of colour, brightness and shadow depth in their monitor fleet. 

*Check out FlexScan Screen In Style for multi monitor colour control


How to 'software-hardware' calibrate your FlexScan Monitor with Spyder

Unique to EIZO, our FlexScan range of monitors can be calibrated beyond brightness and Kelvin, to include individual Red, Green, Blue hardware channel adjustments.  

Calibrating your FlexScan monitor is recommended for superior image display as it results in a neutral display, as well as a larger amount of colour tones** for the monitor to play with.  A neutral display and a maximum amount of colour tones are required for an accurate on-screen display of your creative files. 

*RGB channel adjustment is NOT RECOMMENDED for non-EIZO monitors. While this will enhance a calibration result in EIZO FlexScan monitors, this procedure will cause more harm than good in the majority of non-EIZO monitors that cannot accurately provide this feature. 

**Many tones are discarded in a standard software calibration.  This is minimized with FlexScan, due to the manual Brightness and RGB light channel adjustment capability. 

You will need:

  • Spyder monitor calibration device 
  • Software for your model of Spyder device (click here)
  • Eizo monitor plugged directly into computer/laptop - not via a hub
  • 30 minutes to allow your display to warm up before calibration

1. Once you have downloaded the Spyder software and followed the prompts for installation, open the Spyder application.

2. Go to file > Preferences > Advanced settings > Select 'Show RGB Slider option in Identify Controls screen' and press 'Ok'

3. Return to the Welcome screen

  • WARM UP - You have allowed your display to warm up for 30 minutes
  • LIGHTING - No harsh, direct light is falling directly on your screen
  • DISPLAY CONTROLS - You have reset monitor settings
    1. Set contrast to default and colour temperature to 6500K
    2. Set brightness to the level you are comfortable working with
  • SPYDER - Is plugged into the computer or monitor USB port, not into a hub or keyboard

4. Once you have completed the above, press 'Next' and select your display from the drop down menu. If the widget is not on the screen that you wish to calibrate, you have selected the wrong display and will need to select a different display from the drop-down menu.

5. Follow the prompts to select the manufacturer Eizo and model of your monitor e.g. EV3895.

6. Tick all three boxes for brightness, Kelvin preset and RGB sliders. 

**If you can only see two boxes to tick, you will need to go back and ensure you have completed step two. 

7. Choose your calibration settings: Choose the display to calibrate, Select FullCAL. For everyday viewing, stick to the recommended settings of Gamma 2.2, 6500K and 120 brightness. 

8. Using the buttons on the front of the monitor, set the display colour temperature to the desired white point e.g. 6500K. Menu > Color > Temperature > 6500K.


9. Room light analysis: Select 'keep the settings you selected'

10. RGB Sliders: The Spyder will measure your screen and ask you to adjust the Colour, Kelvin and Brightness. Use the buttons on the front of the monitor to do this. It is recommended to adjust brightness and kelvins first, then RGB colour.

For Kelvin, go to 'Colour' > 'Temperature' > set to 5000K initially and press 'update' in the Spyder software, and change as needed. 

For brightness, press the brightness button on the front of the monitor, then 'update' in the Spyder software until you are close to the target. 

For colour, go to 'color' > 'Advanced' > 'Gain' > change each red, green, blue and then press 'update' in the Spyder software until all red, green and blue columns inside the grey acceptance zone rectangle (see images below)

As you tweak each level, you may need to re-tweak other elements to balance the changes and get as close to the target values as possible.


11. Once you are happy with the target Kelvin, Brightness and RGB, calibrate your screen. 

12. Save your calibration profile.